Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Root of the Word "Avocado"

Avocados are a hallmark of Californian cuisine and I love them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But ever wonder where we got the name?

The word avocado comes from the Central American language Nahuatl, spoken by ancient Aztecs and some indigenous Mexicans today. Referring to the avocado's pear-like shape and its bumpy skin surface, the Nahuatl root word ahuacatl literally means "testicle."

Sorry for being juvenile, but I'm never gonna eat an avocado again without chuckling a little inside.


  1. TMI, Ruth, TMI.

  2. hahahaaha...thats a tip i will never forget :) ha! Love you! keep them coming because p.s. I have mastered poached eggs! first time in my life!