Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ingredients for Ruth in Food Blog

Time: All day, thinking about what to write and mentally editing and erasing and backtracking before sitting down at computer

Active time: the 10 minutes I can find between swimming rehab and getting fitted for bridesmaid dresses

1- injured girl with lots of time on her hands. (broken back or similarly severe injury to provide plenty of writing time)

17- contradictory articles in NY Times Dining, Food and Wine, Sunset and Gourmet about the poor job prospects in the food industry, the great new restaurants opening in the city, the daring feats of Jose Andres, and the cheese shop in San Francisco's Ferry Building. Articles should be fascinating, disheartening and hunger-inducing.

2- failed attempts to set up blog without really helpful blogspot template

A pinch- of friends and family who will read (or claim to read) blog when bored at work, or only when I directly email them with blog post in body of email, instead of expecting them to click on link which I also provide.

To taste: desire to write about good food, customs and history of preparation, and the pure sensual pleasure of cooking and then eating the fruits of my labor.

Mix all ingredients haphazardly. No folding. No whisking. Splattering and spilling encouraged.

Yield: yet to be seen...

1 comment:

  1. Yield?
    Feeds as many as you like... all they have to do is read it. Nice work, Ruthie